Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Don't miss our new Flash sale!

This week we are brining you another flash sale, but with a few new pieces. To spice things up a bit, we are offering a selection of Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture as well as Earth Couture collection pieces half price this week! Combining rompers, tank tops and dresses with leggings and essential long sleeve autumn warmers, we feel we are brining an all around perfect variety of pieces this week! With free shipping on all orders, the only catch of this great flash sale is that it will only be on for one day, tomorrow Wednesday October 23rd, 2013. So do get ready for one happy day of shopping! xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Time for another Flash Sale!

With such great response on our previous sales, we are loving bringing a flash sale to you again! This week we are offering a combination of new and classic Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection pieces for half price. To complete the selection of cardigans, tops, dresses and leggings we are offering free shipping with all orders! This flash sale is on for only one day, tomorrow Wednesday October 16th, 2013. With 50% off and free shipping on the beautiful garments pictured below, this really is another sale that you cannot miss! Prepare yourself for some happy shopping tomorrow xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Get ready for another flash sale!

As you loved last week's flash sale, we thought we would bring you another one! This week we will be offering a slightly larger selection of Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection pieces. From the popular neon mesh tops and dresses in the latest collection, to the basic wardrobe classics of zip detail leggings and tank tops, this flash sale will have something for everyone. We are even offering free shipping this time. The only catch is that this flash sale is on for only one day, tomorrow Wednesday October 9th, 2013. With 50% off and free shipping on beautiful garments, this really is a sale that you cannot miss! Get ready for happy shopping tomorrow xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Flash Sale!

Today we have another flash sale on our website and even though this is only the second time we have tried this type of sale, we are liking the response as orders have been coming in! We are offering 50% off a selection of garments in this sale ranging from leggings and tops to dresses and cardigans, as pictured below. So if you love the new Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection and have not placed an order yet, then do have a look at our website before the sales ends! Happy shopping xx

KH 45 Vintage Detail Dress
KH 49 Maxi Cardi
KH 60 Sport Shift Dress
KH 47 Sport Zip Up Top
KH 50 Colour Block Cardi Black with Blue
KH 50 Colour Block Cardi Black with White
KH 51 Mesh Top White with Black Panel
KH 51 Mesh Top Blue with Black Panel
KH 57 Ski Pant Leggings

KH 55 Cropped Leggings