Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Press Breakfast at Harrods

Apologies for the lack of entries over the past months – things have been a bit hectic! This therefore calls for a proper entry of our latest event, the Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture press breakfast at Harrods in Knightsbridge! You might have already read some bits and pieces in the press about the event that took place last Thursday, but here is the roundup of the morning with some photos...

Starting with preparations early last Thursday morning, the models were dressed with pieces from the latest Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection while the remainder of the collection was displayed beautifully in the centre of Harrods swim room on the first floor. Check out the photos below to get a view of the models looking great in some of the new pieces as well as Kelly with her new collection...

The models wearing pieces from the newest Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection

Kelly and mannequins with pieces from the newest collection. This photo also gives a view of our space that morning (ps. the lovely layered maxi dress look was a real hit!)

We then spent the morning meeting and showing Kelly’s newest collection to press. While discussing the gorgeous new collection, and the celebrity fans such as Victoria Beckham it has already gathered, Earth Couture's ethical commitment was not forgotten. With every sale of Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture, we at Earth Couture donate much-needed mosquito coils to families in Nigeria helping to protect them from life-threatening diseases such as malaria, to which young children are particularly vulnerable. Needless to say, we could not have been more excited to talk about the collection and our ethical stance with the likes of Vogue, The Telegraph, Stella, Harper’s Bazaar, and Bang Showbiz to name but a few! Check out the photos below to see the atmosphere and interest...

The buzz of the morning - press gathering around the new collection!

Kelly discussing a piece from the new collection with Sarah Mower from The Telegraph

As hinted in the photos above, we are bringing in more colours for the new season! Don’t you just love the combination of the KH7 extra long sleeveless top in powder blue with the loose KH11 drawstring waist charcoal trousers on the model pictured below?? With powder blue, dusty pink and deep purple among the list of new colours, please do keep your comments coming in to let us know which one is your favourite!

A model layering KH7 in powder blue with KH14 in white and KH11 charcoal trousers

Our Meleni with the collection behind!

We are very happy that the event in Harrods was such a success and cannot wait to receive your comments on the collection! The new Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture collection will be available online in 2011. Until then do keep checking our blog as we have some other events coming up soon!